6808 Liberty Road
Jefferson City, MO 65101
P: 816.732.6833

About Consolidated Spectroscopy & Instrumentation

Consolidated Spectroscopy & Instrumentation was started in October 2009 to provide exceptional service of laboratory instrumentation and address the spiraling costs of such services. CSI currently has 6 fully trained engineers in the field so we may well be more regionalized and provide a faster response time when necessary. We also employ 2 in the office full time to provide logistical support for parts and other services as needed.

Quality of service is directly correlates to instrument uptime thus lowering the customer cost and increasing the value of our services. Our customers enjoy above 98% uptime. No small feat when you think many of these instruments run 24/7. And when a rare breakdown does occur we make every effort to get to the site within 24 hours. We feel this is important because the customer is already stressed enough from loss of production and needs to be back in operation as quickly as possible. In that regard, we currently stock more than $400,000 in parts to make every effort to have the parts needed for service or repair immediately available.

One of the services that sets us apart from other providers or the OEM service is our Calibration Verification. This is where we take a set of NIST traceable standards and graph your instruments analytical abilities before and after the service. This allows you to learn if you need to increase your customer or CSI provided maintenance intervals, provide training for your lab personnel and more closely monitor your production costs.