This is Bruker’s flagship instrument. This instrument features:

            A) CPM Style detectors

            B) Factory Calibrations for Fe Base (See photo 2 for Analytical Tables)

                        1) Fe000 – Global Standardization

                        2) Fe110 – Low Alloy Steel

                        3) Fe120 – Grey and Ductile Iron

                        4) **Fe130 – Stainless Steel

                        5) **Fe140 – Mn Steel

                        6) **Fe150 – Ni-Hard Steel

                        7) Fe160 – Cr-Hard Steel

            ** Denotes programming that can be initiated from factory calibration     

           C) This instrument is in excellent condition and comes with a one year warranty and one Preventative Maintenance visit during the warranty period


Diminsions: Width = 45" Depth = 53” Height = 54” Weight = ~700 pounds

Note: This instrument can be broken in half and will easily fit through a 36” door frame.


Environmental Conditions: Instrument should be in a temperature controlled environment with humitidy levels maintained below 80% (non-condensating)


Power and Argon: Voltage Required = 230VAC,  Frequency = 60 Hertz,  Power = 950 Watts during  measurement 350 Watts in Standby Mode, Fuse Requirement = 20A (needs to be on it’s own breaker), Argon = 4.8 (99.998%) minimum, 5.0 (99.999$) RECOMMENDED


Pricing: This instrument is priced at $26,500. This includes delivery, installation and training, as well as the one year warranty and one Preventative Maintenance visit during the warranty period.


The instrument will remain the property of CSI until paid in full.


Future Preventative Maintenance visits can be purchased as well to insure your new instrumentation stays operating in peak efficiency. Please ask for details.

Bruker Q8 Magellan Serial Number 3540


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