We are proud to announce that we now offer windows 10 upgrades for your spectrometer. We proudly guarantee the success of our upgrade process*. We offer four customizable price packages to meet your needs. Please call with any questions and for your official quote.

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Parts & Consumables

We offer a wide range of high quality products at low prices. Click  here  to go straight to our shop page.

Refurbished Instruments & Retro Computers

We frequently refurbish an array of pre-owned instruments for resale or lease. Each instrument we sell comes complete with calibration data and a full 6 month warranty. We are also capable of building "new" obsolete PCs for use with older instruments, eliminating the need for costly upgrades. These PCs come with a full warranty and most are "plug and play."

LabSpeed Results Analysis Software

LabSpeed™ Results Analysis software provides a common platform for charting, reporting, exporting, monitoring, validating, sharing and analyzing results generated from all types of instruments used in a laboratory -- from hand-held devices to multi-element analysis spectrometers and bio-tech instruments. Call us today for a quote.

Service/Training & Maintenance Agreements 

Here at CSI, LLC we want to keep your business in business. With that said, we offer fully customized service and maintenance agreements. We also understand that employee turn-over is a fact of business, so we can also offer an additional training aspect to any contract.  

Spectrometer Relocation Services

Our climate controlled trailers and expert technicians offer the safest and most economical way to secure and transport your spectrometer. Our relocation packages, like our service agreements, are customized based on your specific needs. These services are fully insured and bonded. 

Official Sircal Distributor

Sircal provides Heated Getter gas purifiers for rare gases including argon, helium, neon, xenon and kryton. The purifier MP-2000 is a stand-alone compact system for delivery of purified gas directly to the point-of-use for various analytical applications including arc/spark spectrometers typically. It has been sold across the world and is now in use in almost every country in the world with a fine reputation for reliability and technical excellence.



Consolidated Spectroscopy & Instrumentation, LLC was formed in October 2009 to provide exceptional service of laboratory instrumentation and address the spiraling costs of such services. CSI currently has 2 fully trained engineers in the field. We also employ 1 person in the office, full time, to provide logistical support for parts and other services as needed.

Quality of service is directly related to instrument "uptime" thus lowering the customer's cost of ownership and increasing the value of our services. Our customers currently enjoy more than 98% "uptime". No small feat when many of these instruments run 24/7. And when a rare breakdown does occur we make every effort to get to the site within 24 hours. We feel this is important since the customer is already apprehensive from loss of production and needs to be back in operation as quickly as possible. In that regard, we currently stock more than $400,000 worth of parts to make every effort to have what is required for service or repair immediately available.

One of the services that sets us apart from other providers or the OEM service is our Calibration Verification. We use a set of NIST traceable standards and graph your instruments analytical abilities before and after the service. This allows you to decide if you should increase our maintenance intervals, provide more training for your lab personnel, etc.




Bill Wallace

Owner/Senior Field Service Engineer

A veteran of the United States Air Force, Bill has over 23 years of experience in the fields of electronics and materials science. His knowledge of foundry applications  and mechanical/physical testing makes him one of the best Field Service Engineers in the business.


Leeann Hyland

Field Service Engineer/Chemist

As our resident Chemist, Leeann, has 10+ years of arc/spark and gas analyzer testing experience. Her certified training for multiple manufacturers and her 10+ years of ICP knowledge makes her a wonderful "all-around" employee for CSI, LLC.

Darian Pic1.jpg

Darian Harris

Field Service Engineer

Darian specializes in ICP and XRF installations, repairs, troubleshooting, preventive maintenance and method development. CSI, LLC is glad to have his 23+ years of experience on our team.


Harold Brock

Senior Field Service Engineer

Harold has over 30 years of experience with operating and servicing ICP spectrometers. He has been a valuable employee for over half a decade. 

Some of our Loyal Customers

Feel free to ask us for a list of references.



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CSI, LLC is always growing. If you would like to join our team, please send a cover letter together with your resume to:

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